Young Lee

New York resident, Young Lee, a direct descendant from the Dong – Hung Prince  of the Mung – Jong King  in the Lee Dynasty, is a Korean artist from Seoul, Korea.
My studies in Oriental art, music  and dance began at an early age. I have a B.F.A degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.

With the background of traditional Oriental art and the exposure to the western culture, I created a style of my own by combining modern painting techniques with my Asian cultural identity. Asian Heritage , the main theme of in my body work, is a mirror of myself. I like to explore my Asian Heritage, my conflicts, and sometimes my pains that come from struggling to find out my identity and assimilation in this western society.
I believe the east and west are no longer in conflict in art; therefore,  I try to achieve harmony based on my personal cultural identity and authenticity.


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